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Starbucks Secret Menu Items - Click Here To See Them All!

What have you done only the white Girls were suppose to know this

Do you realize how much we, the people that have to make these drinks, hate everyone single one of you who orders these??!!?!?!? Imagine if you will you have two blenders, twenty drinks (each one specially made) and multiple people yelling at you for not moving fast enough, screaming their drink isn’t made to their standard and how no matter what you do, everyone is unhappy and you end up with milk in your shoes. This is why we despise people who think this secret Starbucks menu was a good idea

While I understand that Starbucks can be a pretty stressful job and when it’s crowded, it sucks hardcore, I don’t think making customers feel bad that they order things that you guys can make for them is okay.

Yeah don’t be a douche starbucks worker person. You signed up for that job. Just quit if it’s so bad

So because we were trained how to make drinks on our menu it’s okay for people to start having us make things that we weren’t trained on, that aren’t on our menu? okay. THAT is the problem. that we’ve made it clear we don’t even know what these drinks are, that we don’t even have some of these ingredients and that it ruins our repeatable drink routine and then WE get complained to that it’s taking too long to make things, but people shrug it off and continue to order drinks that we don’t have the recipe to. NOT that we don’t like people wanting to order customized drinks. and without even a “sorry this is going to hold up the line” but we will get a “um excuse what’s taking so freaking loong” but no one cares. oh well. 
sure i can quit, but I’ve been there for 2 years, before this stupid fucking article was put online, and absolutely hate the idea of having to start over new somewhere. especially when I’ve come to know all my coworkers as friends now and i have difficulty adjusting to new places. there are plenty of people working places they can’t stand but quitting is not the solution when the employees and business weren’t the problem.
i’ve never been treated so cruelly by customers at a job before, how is anyone surprised that starbucks employees are starting to complain were not god damn machines we’re people. gosh just got suck it up though!

I feel dumber after reading that. Your job is not hard. You don’t even scratch the surface of “stressful”.

It’s not hard to remember a few ingredients in addition to the thing you’ve been trained to make. If it is, there is this magical thing called paper. Write it down. Takes 3 more seconds. Waiters at restaurants keep track of how things are done that way.

Holy. Shit.

LOOOOL as a partner and reading what that person wrote… Oh god. Shut your bitchin’. 9/10 of the people ordering off the secret menu are high schoolers/kids. If you’re getting irritated by the secret menu, fuck it up on purpose. It’s not like they really know exactly what it tastes like.

Spit in the drinks of all of these people, baristas.

Holy shit, is it that fucking difficult to make paying customers a drink that might not be on the fucking menu?!

This post, more like

"Holy shit, is it that fucking difficult to make paying customers a drink that might not be on the fucking menu?!"

Sooo… I can walk into burger king and order sushi? Yeah, okay. 
Maybe you people could try to actually order FROM THE MENU.  There’s a reason it’s not printed out for people to order!!
The fucking customer is not always right.  People these days think they’re entitled to anything.  You want something not on the menu? Go somewhere else!  Or go make it yourself.

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5 months ago
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